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Reuel wallpaper.

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What is Reuel paper?

Unlike traditional wallpaper, you won’t need lining paper, glue, pattern calculators or a lot of patience.

Reuel paper comes pre-glued, so all you have to do is unroll & stick. Each roll is the length of a new build’s average height wall, so all you have to do is cut off the excess from the bottom.

We design the patterns to sync, saving waste and your time.

Finally, wallpaper that’s a breeze to install!

Living in a magnolia nightmare?

Oh, magnolia, who decided you should be the national colour of boring rooms everywhere?

Reuel papers come in plenty of off-the-shelf & bespoke patterns, but what if you just want a pure gorgeous colour?

Paint is no longer your only option. You can inject colour into your home with our Classic collection – no mess, no fuss, no waste.

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